August 13, 2021

Dear Formativistas:
1. For the Online Class Simulation, you will already be using your official account in the Learning Management System. To join:

📌Visit the website, LMS.formativeschool.com.
📌Log in using the username and password that you received in your email.
📌Make sure to change your temporary password into a secure one. If you forgot your password, you can access it thru your valid email address.
📌Click the subject following the Friday Schedule of your class program.
📌Click “Attendance” and submit yourself.
📌Go back to the subject and click “Virtual Classroom”.

Note: For mobile devices, download Google Meet App. (You will not join the class thru the App, you will join following the steps above.)

2. Check your section and download your Class Schedule following the steps in the “Latest Announcement” section in the LMS.

3. Wear formal attire.

4. Kindly access the LMS 15 minutes before time.

If you have immediate concerns, kindly send a message to the official page of the school.
Be guided with the screenshots below!
See you Formativistas!