Dear Parents/Guardians:

Our Third Quarter Assessment for Preschool to Junior High School will be on February 16 to 18 for online learners (Wednesday to Friday) and February 17 to 18 for modular learners (Thursday and Friday).

Please secure your child’s test permit by paying the school fees due until February. To see the payable amount, please open your child’s account in the student portal.

1. Type in your browser, portal.formativeschool.com or click, https://portal.formativeschool.com/ .

2. Click Statement of Account and see DUE FOR THIS MONTH at the bottom.

You can pay your monthly dues on site or online. For online payment, upload the proof of payment in the students’ portal.

To see the complete schedule of the assessment, kindly check the Advisory No. 12 of the Latest Announcement Section of our LMS.

-FASDS Admin